Friday, 27 December 2013

Hello dear friends, we are happy to take part in this project. Warm Greetings from darken Batumi. We are late with our video, cause all the region- Adjara- was cut down from the civilization. We did not have electricity and still suffer from it. Our video is very short and not professionally done and we hope to improve ourselves
Our kids like the project so much, that they decided to do the video again. 

Best wishes from Georgia

Saturday, 21 December 2013


This is our first time to take part in ECR and a film competition. We are a little bit late though. It took a little more time as we are only learning to make films ...and star in it :)  Hope you like it. The competitors are 5th grade.
Merry Christmas to eveyone!


Last but not least (I hope). We´ve been so busy this time... We hope you will enjoy our ice-skating chain reaction :-) Do you know Jaromír Jágr? This is his ice rink in Kladno where he started his ice hockey career.

Friday, 20 December 2013

Human Chain Reaction 2014 - Germany - Freie Schule Kassel

Hello, dear Chain Reactioners across Europe!
Lovely to see all your human chain reactions appear on our new project site.

Unfortunately, we didn't find much time for a "proper" HCR this year. But as things sometimes go, this little scene simply popped up without planning while our kids where playing in the Romping Room. Its shortness notwithstanding, this video qualifies as HCR after all, doesn't it?

After the kids' chain reaction watch our staff's surprise fire-show for this year's school Christmas party.
These people are really hot, right?

Greetings from Romania.
We wish you Merry Christmas and a new year full of accomplishments.

Best wishes from secondary school students Hirlau Petru Rares.

Human chainreaction the Netherlands

Hi everyone,

Here is our entry for the human chainreaction from the Netherlands.
Merry Christmas and a very happy 2014!

From school Kastanjelaan in Leiderdorp

French Team Circus

french team from reggianio on Vimeo.

Human Chain Reaction - Latvia 2014

Greetings from Latvia! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Thursday, 19 December 2013

The human chain reaction from Finland

Hello everyone!
Here is the video from Finland made by the 6th grade of our school together with their teacher Jari. I'm just a technical assistant this year!
European Chain Reaction is so popular in our school, that we've decided that it's only fair that we take turns. Two years ago it was our 5th grade, last year my then 3rd graders and now the oldest ones, 6th graders.
We hope that you'll like these "presents" bouncing out the package!


Hello from Bulgaria! My students want to introduce themselves. They learn English. They like singing and dancing. Bulgarian students greet you wish you a peaceful Christmas full of laughter and joy!

Denmark - Vibeholmskolen, Ishøj

Hello! This is our take on a Human Chain Reaction. Hope you all like it! (-;
Greetings from Denmark!

Thursday, 12 December 2013


Here you can watch our human chain reaction.  We hope you like it!

Monday, 9 December 2013

Friday, 29 November 2013

The Belgian Human Chain Reaction 2014

Hi all,

This year 26 enthusiastic 11-year olds will present Belgium in The European Chain Reaction.

Here you can watch our human chain reaction.  We hope you like our little video!

We look forward to watching all your human and technical chain reactions in the next couple of weeks!

Kind regards,

The kids from Qworzó - Belgium

We would like to read about what you think of our little video, so please leave us a comment!

Sunday, 11 August 2013

The rules of the game...

The European Chain Reaction 2014 is a science/art project for primary schools wishing to create, film and upload a "Rube-Goldberg/Robert Storm Petersen-like" chain reaction. This project is a competition and a European collaboration! The school which uploads the most astonishing, creative chain reaction not only wins a trophy, but also wins tons of faim!  In the end all videos will be emerged into ONE BIG CROSS BORDER EUROPEAN CHAIN REACTION (look at the European Chain Reaction 2013)!

This eTwinningproject allows as many as possible European schools - all from different countries - to enter the competition! By entering the competition you agree to the following rules:


- When you enter the competition, your school e-mails an image of the school and a short text in which the school presents herself!
- Your kids present themselves in a short video.  The best way to do this is by presenting themselves in a human chain reaction.  This video should be uploaded by Friday December 20th 2013
- You and your class will have until Friday 24th January 2014 to create, practice, film and upload a video of your chain reaction to a videosite (like Vimeo, Youtube, ...) and embed it in this blog.
- When all videos are uploaded to the blog every school will watch the entries of the other participants and will decide on wich countries receive wich amount of points.
All points should be e-mailed to Dave Schrauwen by Thursday January 30th 2014.
On Friday January 31st the class of Dave will record a newsflash announcing who will be the winner of the project. The link to this video will be kept secret until Monday February 3rd 11:00
(Brussels time). 
- On Monday February 3rd 11:00 Brussels time the video will be embedded into the website, so everyone can find out how well they scored in this competition and how fabulous the ECR 2014 really is! The winning school will be sent a specially commissioned trophy, but above all wins the everlasting respect of all the other participants!


1. Only one school from each country will be allowed to enter. We would like to have as many as possible European countries involved!

2. The European Chain Reaction 2014-project is for primary schools only!

3. Once you have agreed to enter and submitted your request to the project coordinator, Dave Schrauwen you will receive an invitation to become a partner in the project, followed later by a separate invitation to contribute to the project's blog. You need to sign up for the blog, whereby you will be able to upload your finished chain reaction in due course. In addition, please send Dave a brief description of your school, along with a photograph, that Dave will add to the blog, so that each country can see who is all taking part.

4. All schools will upload a short video in which they present themselves so all contestants can get to know their opponents/partners!  The best way to do this is by creating a human chain reaction video!

5. The actual technological chain reaction should be created and practiced by the students and their teachers (giving them advice) only!  The chain reaction has to be a technological chain reaction. Children may appear in the video shortly, but the technological aspect is the most important!  Look at the winning 2011 video for a very good exemple!

6. The length of the chain reaction video should be between 60 and 120 seconds.  The video may be shot by the teacher or the children

7. Every partner is responsible for his own entry!  When inserting music into the video, please use music that is copyright free.  You could use a creative commons sound or song.  You can find free sounds and music here:

8. All entries should be completed by Friday 24th January 2014. When your chain reaction is ready, you upload the video of this chain reaction to the blog, via using either the “upload video” section of the site, or by uploading your video to Vimeo, YouTube, ... then copying and pasting the embed code into your blog post. All files MUST be uploaded by Friday 24th Januray, as each country will then need to watch all the entries and judge them during the following week- Monday 27th - Thursday 30th  January.

9. Please encourage your children to post a comment on the videos sent in by other countries.  By doing so, your children will learn some ICT -skills and learn to express themselves in a foreign language.

10. Once you and your pupils have watched each entry and chosen your favourites, email your choices to Dave Schrauwen, BEFORE Friday 31st  January, so the pupils of Dave can create and record the newsflash on who is the winner of the project on Friday January 31st. YOU MUST NOT VOTE FOR YOUR OWN ENTRY!

11.  The newsflash in which the winner of the competition will be announced and the European Chain Reaction will be showed will be added to the blog on Monday February 3rd at 11:00 Brussels time, in order for everyone to find out at the same time who has won the competition!

GOOD LUCK to all countries! Enjoy making your entry, and watching all the other entries!

Michael Purves & Dave Schrauwen

Project founders