Friday, 24 January 2014

The Chain Reaction from Finland

The European Chain Reaction 2014 from Finland!


We hope you will like the Chain Reaction from Finland!


  1. I was curious to see what role the scissors would play, so I watched several times to identify them in the chain.
    Well done for this clever idea! I don't think we've seen that before in our project.

    And I guess all kids will envy you for your ice rink.

  2. Hi Sari and the Finnish team,

    I think it is an excellent idea to go to the gym and make a sporty chain reaction!

    We like ice skating here in Belgium too, so my pupils will love this video, I think!

    Thanks for sharing it with us and good luck on the voting!

    Dave from Belgium

  3. Kato from Belgium27 January 2014 at 16:10

    Nice idea!

  4. Hanne from belgium27 January 2014 at 16:17

    it's very cool that you have as a skating rink

  5. lisa from belgium27 January 2014 at 20:17

    fun chain well done

  6. You have jointed the technique chain reaction with the greetings and joyful human chain. A good idea! Congratulations!

  7. Tomine Othilie From Norway28 January 2014 at 21:32

    cool smileyface

  8. Martina Czech Republic29 January 2014 at 09:00

    Nice idea with skating!